Wild Cards

When doing a search you can use an asterisk (*) in place of letters or numbers. This is called a “wild card” and it really comes in handy.

Let’s say you’re looking for a file that starts with “ran” but aren’t sure what the rest of the name is. Just type in…


All files of any type that begin with “ran” will be found such as “randy.doc” or “rand-mcnally.exe”.

Let’s say you know that your file is a Word doc. Then type in “ran*.doc”.

What if you’re just not sure of the single character in a file name? Then use a Question Mark wild card…



You could end up with “rant.doc”, “rank.doc” or “ran1.doc” but not “randy.doc”

This not only works with Search/Find in Windows, but on many Internet search engines as well.

~ Dav*

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