AM DeadLink

AM Deadlink

This week’s download was sent to me by a thoughtful reader a month or so ago and after trying it out, I found it to be an easy to use and functional application. I thought that our terrific readers would find this as useful as I, so the decision to run this download was an easy one.

Alright, well I’m more than a little excited about this, because I believe it’s something that anyone can and probably should use. It’s called AM Deadlink and it’s from Aignes, which is the same company that brought us AM Notebook. AM Notebook is another great free program that I use regularly.

The best way to describe AM Deadlink is to compare it to a bookmarks/favorites manager. Though it doesn’t quite perform the same functions as your bookmark manager, it does have some functions that should have probably been implemented. AM Deadlink helps you to locate and manage broken and duplicate links listed in your favorites/bookmarks. I use both terms bookmarks and favorites, because chances are whatever browser you use, AM Deadlink will have no problem verifying them. It can work with all of today’s most popular browsers, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera (sorry AOL users). If you’re not sure what a certain link is, don’t worry, because AM Deadlink has a preview window similar to Outlook Express that allows you to quickly pull up and review what is on that particular link.

AM Deadlink Features

  • Detects and removes duplicate and broken links.
  • Can delete desired links directly from any compatible Internet browser.
  • Can update and download Favicons for any applicable Web sites.
  • Preview pane for Web site confirmation and validation.
  • Allows you to save all bookmarks/favorites to a zip folder for backups and import/exporting to another PC.
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Mozilla.

AM Deadlink is a great program that anyone who bookmarks a lot of Web sites (yours truly being guilty), you at least have to check this out. It can really help you get things organized in a hurry. Not to mention, pruning and maintaining your lists of favorites can improve system performance by putting a little more pep in your PC’s speed. There are no real system requirements for this program. It will run on Win95/98/Me/NT4/2000/2003/XP and there is a forum out at their site to help answer any questions you may have.

Again, I think this is a great program and I highly recommend it to anyone who thinks this may be useful to them.

Download AM Deadlink here.

Until next week, enjoy!

~ Chad Stelnicki

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