Kurt from GA asks:
What is Bluetooth?

You may have heard about mobile phones and other devices having “Bluetooth Technology”. Basically, it’s a short-range wireless technology that simplifies communication between internet devices like smart phones, tablets and computers, although it’s most commonly used for wireless “hands-free” headsets for cell phones.


The Bluetooth Special Interest Group, a cabal of over 16,000 manufacturers, oversees the standards and security of the technology. It gets its unusual name in honor of Harald Bluetooth – king of Denmark in the mid-tenth century – for no other reason than to recognize the contribution of Baltic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland) to the communications industry.

If you look around you’ll find a ton of devices that use Bluetooth. Everything from wireless printers, wireless keyboards, even some home appliances (although I still don’t know why my computer and washing machine need to communicate).

I hope this demystifies this technology so when you are out shopping for a smartphone, laptop, or other device you’ll be aware of what Bluetooth can do.

~ David

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