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When I try to select a passage from a PDF document to copy, my cursor becomes a little hand that opens and closes as I click the left mouse button. I can print them but how do I select and copy?

The Portable Document Format is a great way to make sure that a page looks the same way to the recipient as it did when created. This is especially true for forms, newsletters, and legal documents.

By default, the Adobe Acrobat Reader uses a hand tool for the cursor that allows you to “grab” the page and move it up or down. This leads us to our question: can one select text to copy from a PDF document?

Yes. You can change the cursor into a Select Text tool. Look up in the toolbar next to the hand icon and click the text cursor with the pointer arrow next to it. That’s your text-selection tool.


Click it and you are now able to highlight text.

You can also use this tool to copy images by right-clicking on the image you want and selecting “Copy Image” .

If your Adobe Reader does not have this feature, you should download the latest version (it’s free)…

PS. Make sure you de-select the option for McAfee Security Scan if you don’t want it before downloading.


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