Pirate Soul

Welcome to a museum like very few you’ve had the opportunity to hear of. Pirate Soul is a museum dedicated to the history of Pirates!

We’ll start our journey in the History section which includes Origins, Notable Pirates, Pirate Life, Plunder, Map, and Resources.

The Map is a great way to learn information about the places that pirates lived in, sailed to, and plundered. Click a topic above the map and the location will be highlighted in red and an information bubble will pop up. You can get a snippet of information, and if you want to know more, just click on the “Click here to learn more” link.

Origins — Here you learn the history of Piracy from it’s Origins to the Golden Age of Piracy. The Golden Age of Piracy is when pirates were the most active in one area and occurred from 1690 to 1730.

Notable Pirates — This is where you can learn about the individual pirates who stood out, made names for themselves, and went down in history for their acts of piracy. From Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, Sir Henry Morgan to Anne Bonny, Mary Read, and Sir Francis Drake each has a vivid history that is definitely worth reading. I, in particular, enjoyed the story of Anne Bonny, a female pirate—which was practically unheard of in those times seeing as women were unlucky to have on board a ship.

Pirate Life — Here we learn about what life as a pirate consisted of. From Medicine, Food, The Pirate Code, Jolly Roger, En Route to Plunder: Pirate Navigation, and Death. Each section was an in-depth read of information that you probably didn’t know about pirates. Especially the Jolly Roger section where you learn that not all pirates flew a flag of skull and crossbones. Some had their own flag with its own meaning of surrender without a fight or die.

Plunder — Learn about the battles that pirates had for plunder. What kinds of weapons did they use? What were they trying to plunder? Here you will learn about the weapons from the infamous blunderbuss to cannons. Here you will learn about raids for sugar, rum, fabric, medicine, food, and Spanish treasure.

Museum — In this section you can learn what kinds of things the museum Pirate Soul displays. From weapons to treasure — you get a brief description and bit more history thrown in for good measure. An interesting section that makes me want to go to the museum myself.

So lift anchor and sail over, mateys. Argggh!



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