Calendar Wizard

It’s A Date! Or maybe a week of dates? Better yet, make it a whole month!

Ever find yourself working on a project, proposal or some other item and you really need a calendar to write it all out?

Wait! Idea!

What about a calendar where you could type in your deadlines and other important info so it’s neat, clean and easily revised?

Sound good?

Yeah, I agree. It just might be a handy little trick to have if reserve for the future.

Here’s the info you’re looking for to have the “know how” to create your own custom calendars in MS Word.

To get to the Calendar Wizard go to the File menu, New choice. (Ctrl + N accomplishes this task too.)

If you’re using an older version of Word (Word 2000 or before) you should go straight to the Templates window.

If you’ve got a newer version of Word then the “New Document” task pane will open.

In the task pane you’re looking for the “New from template” section, General Templates choice.


You should then be taken to the Templates window.

Once here take a look in the Other Documents tab.


Locate and double-click the Calendar Wizard icon.

(At this point, if the wizard was not previously installed you may be prompted to complete the installation. )

The Wizard will begin and walk you through the steps required to create your calendar.

You will be prompted to pick a calendar style, asked for your preference regarding page layout and pictures as well as the date range you need to work with.

When you’ve finished giving the Wizard all the information click the Finish button.


Word does all the work and you very quickly have a beautiful calendar ready for your customization. Simply click on a date to enter text and scroll from page to page to work in various months.

With Word’s Calendar Wizard you too can be organized in just a matter of minutes!

~ April

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