Best of Hubble

Have you ever wondered what kind of pictures the Hubble Space Telescope has been taking all these years? Well now you can see some of the best photos (some even with explanatory text) in a very nifty slide show. You’ll need a flash player to view this but it is well worth it.

The photos I liked the most were:

The Helix Nebula – It shows the remnants of an exploded star 650 light years away.

Spiral Galaxy NGC4414 – a galaxy 60 million light years away. This one was extremely gorgeous to look at.

The Little Ghost Nebula – This one is so colorful and neat, it is the remnant of an old star. Can you imagine our sun ending up that way?

Swan Nebula – Look at these hydrogen, oxygen, and sulfur clouds. It’s amazing how intense the coloring is in them.

There is background music that adds to the effect of the pictures, but the first time I watched the slide show I had my speakers off, so while it adds something it isn’t necessary. The photos do switch rather quickly so you may want to make use of the pause button to fully experience the photos.

A very neat look at what technology has accomplished in space. Check it out!


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