Start/Run Fun

In Windows XP, go to Start/Run and you’ll see a box. It’s an often overlooked place that can save you a lot of time. If a program is in the Window’s folder or System32, you can launch it by typing in the name.

Want a quick way to Notepad? Type in “notepad”. How about Explorer? That’s right, you type in “explorer”. How about Paint? That’s a little trickier: type in “MSpaint”. And for a calculator, type in “calc”. For an on-screen keyboard type “osk”.

Windows Vista is even easier! When you click the Start Button there is a box directly above it with the words “Start Search” in it. This is where you can issue your Run commands! Simply type in the desired program name and off you go!


These are just a few… see if you can find more.

~ David

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