AOL Email in Outlook Express

Not too long ago you were stuck checking your AOL email in the AOL browser. I think it was because they wanted you to see the banner advertisements littering the desktop. Anyway, recently they decided to allow netizens to access their mail using an email client like Outlook Express.

Rather than using POP3, AOL’s open mail access allows any email client with IMAP support to read and send mail. Outlook Express is one such program.

Go to Tools/Accounts and click “Add”

Select “Mail”, put in your name and click “Next”.

Enter your AOL email address (screen name plus Click Next.

Under “My incoming mail server is…” make sure that IMAP is selected.

Type “” (without the quotes) in the “Incoming mail (POP3 or IMAP) server” box.

Type “” (without the quotes) in the “Outgoing mail (SMTP) server…” box. Click “Next”.

Under “Account Name” type in your AOL screen name.

Under “password”—you guessed it—type in your password. Click “Next” then “Finish”.

Now, in the Internet Accounts window highlight “”and click “Properties”.

Go to the “Advanced” tab.

Under “Server Port Numbers for Outgoing Mail (SMTP)” enter “587” (without the quotes).

Go to the “IMAP” tab and make sure that “Store special folders on IMAP server” is NOT checked. Click OK.

Close the Internet Accounts window.

Choose “Yes” to download the AOL folders list into Outlook Express. Click OK.

The email stays on the server so you will need to visit your online AOL Mail center to empty out your mail box every now and then..

There you have it. AOL email with all the benefits of Outlook Express.

~ David

David Samuel Thomas

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