The Planetary Society

This site’s claim is that they are the “largest nonprofit, nongovernmental space advocacy group on Earth.” After you see how much information they have available to you on the planets and outer space, you’ll probably agree with them.

Along the top of the page you will see the menu bar with Society Information, Publications, Planetary News, Learning Center, and Links.

The Society Information section will tell you all about the Planetary Society and how it got started and how you can join.

Publications tells you all about their magazine, The Planetary Report. “This bimonthly magazine reaches members of The Planetary Society all over the world, with news about planetary missions, spacefaring nations, intrepid explorers, planetary science controversies and the latest findings in humankind’s exploration of the solar system.”

The Learning Center — This is a great section, where you can learn all about the Universe that we live in. From the Planets, Lunar Missions, Spaceships, Exploring Mars, Art, and Galileo Journals. You’ll find something new and interesting to learn about. I have to tell you that I spent quite some time in this section and was surprised by how much new information I learned on topics I thought I knew fairly well.

Now back on the main page — you’ll notice there are sections on it as well. Headline’s is where you can read recent news on outer space and things like the 75th anniversary of Pluto. The rest of the site you can explore for yourself, I don’t want to take the discovery away from you. But I have to mention that if you scroll down the page you’ll find a section called Special Sections. This is my favorite section of the entire site.

Special Sections — in this area you will find out about Solar Sails, Mars, The Exploration for Intelligent Life, Near Earth Objects, Extra Solar Planets, and so much more. The neatest part of this site, if you want my opinion.

Well I hope you enjoyed this stellar journey as much as I did!

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