Proper Shut Down

When I turn on my computer it says that Windows didn’t shut down properly then it goes into Scan Disk. Why is this happening?

Some of our experienced readers may be chuckling out there, but this is a real problem. We all know how to turn on our computers, but not everyone knows that there’s a right way to turn it off.

A quick way to the shut down dialog is to hit Alt+F4 while on the desktop.

Another way is by going to Start then click the “Turn off Computer” button.

This will bring up a window where you can choose to Stand By (“Hibernate” when you hold down the Shift key), Turn Off, or Restart.

Once you click the “Turn Off” button it will shut down processes and batten down the hatches.

You’ll then get a message telling you it is OK to turn it off. Some computers automatically turn off while others require you to hit the power button.

~ David

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