Guide to Shooting Rubber Bands

I remember in high school the boys would have rubber band fights and I would end up getting flicked with a rubber band and in an attempt at firing back snap my finger and ended up the walking wounded. Now I’ve learned how to properly shoot rubber bands. And all from this site!

After learning the “Pistol” method of firing a rubber band I will never injure my thumb shooting a rubber band. I shot off a couple for my cats to chase—just be sure you don’t hit them and that they don’t eat the rubber band. My cat actually plays fetch with them. I’ll shoot one off, he’ll give chase hunt it down, and then bring it back and drop it at my feet. He plays fetch with soft foam balls too, it’s great!

Now this guide goes through the history of rubber band shooting, the refinement of the art of shooting a rubber band, and the rules to the game. Some how I think bored college students got together and decided to have rubber band wars. They even have a penalty system. It’s a very tongue-in-cheek site full of witty humor and practical techniques.

This site even discusses the physics behind shooting rubber bands, and in the individual styles of shooting (Pistol, Rifle, Spear, etc.) it discusses the accuracy of the shot, the probability for misfire.

This site is really neat even if you don’t engage in rubber band warfare.


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