Signatures for every occasion

I have information that I need to include in letters I send out for work—my name, address, etc. Is there a way to make this info come up all the time?

These are called “signatures”. In Outlook Express you can set up signatures that you access with a few mouse clicks—see our website for details…

But what about other programs? Well, here’s a method I use. Create a plain text document in Notepad that has all the common info you need.

Go to Start/Run and type in “Notepad” (without the quotes).

Type all the info that you want available.


Save it to your desktop with a name you’ll remember.

Now, to make it even more accessible, click and drag it down to your taskbar. You could even change the shortcut’s icon using this tip from our website…


There you have it—a little button you can click to bring up common info. Just highlight and copy what you need then paste into your document.


~ David

David Samuel Thomas

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