X-Ray vs. Digital Camera

A reader asks…

I’m going on a trip and want to take my digital camera. Can the X-Ray machine at the airport damage the memory card? I know it can mess up the film in a regular camera.

That very same question has been asked enough times that there has been a study done on it by the Committee for Integrity in Transportation of Imaging Products. (really, that’s the name of it)

In the test, they ran a group of memory cards from various manufactures in various formats through an X-ray machine. They put ’em in those little trays and ran ’em through a total of 20 times. After all the X-Ray excitement, the glowing (literally 🙂 researchers tested the results. They even did an X-Ray test with a card in a digital camera, just to be sure.

The conclusion was that it’s perfectly safe to send your memory cards through X-Ray machines. No image degradation was detected and no images were lost. The cards were no worse for the ordeal and went on to lead happy, productive lives.

To read the entire study (yawn) check out this PDF file:


Happy shooting!

~ Steve

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