You Grow Girl

Now that spring has arrived in my part of the world my mind has turned toward getting my garden planned and growing. While surfing around for planting sites, I found this great site called You Grow Girl.

My main plan is to re-seed my yard and get some good, if not great, grass growing this year. While I dream of just laying sod—that option is too expensive—I was searching to find out about planting grass and what types would be best for my area and lifestyle.

First of all this site has stellar forums—take your time there if you enjoy the heck out of the forum community.

Next is Grow, Garden, Explore, Play, Use, and Journals.

Grow – This is where you will learn about plants and how to care for them. There is a great article here on the varieties of Basil, which happens to be my favorite herb to cook with. You will find articles on plant care information, seeds and propagation, featured plants, bulbs, tubers, & corms, save your, and good bugs/bad bugs.

Garden – this is where you find the heart and soul of gardening, not to mention a ton of great DIY gardening tips. Here you will learn about composting, planting tips, tools, and preparation.

Explore – learn about new plants, hey, you may find something you want to add to your garden.

Play – This is where some fun stuff is hiding! You’ll find wallpapers, art, e-cards and much, much more.

Use – Learn uses for the herbs, vegetables, and flowers that you plant. Let me tell you this section is recipes galore, and I just can’t wait to try the sage-walnut pesto recipe.

Journals – read journals of other gardeners, and share in their triumphs and disasters.

A great gardening site, that will have you coming back regularly as your garden grows.

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