Blocking Senders in Thunderbird

How do I block senders using Thunderbird?

We’ve told you how to block senders and domains with Outlook Express, but how about those of you who use Mozilla Thunderbird?

First you need to activate your Junk Mail Controls. Go to Tools>Account Settings. Under “Junk Settings” check off “Do not mark mail as junk mail if the sender is in: Personal Address Book”.

Next you can choose to delete junk or have it go to a Junk folder. I would recommend the folder until you get the filter thoroughly trained, otherwise you may lose good mail. Check off “Move incoming messages to:”, then select “Junk folder on:” and “Local Folders”.


You can then set the Junk folder to automatically empty after a certain amount of time.

As for the manual junk filter, that can be set to delete when a message is marked as junk.

Now when you get your email you can check in your Junk folder to see if anything was sent there that shouldn’t be. If something is there by accident, highlight the email and look at the top—you’ll find a “Not Junk” button.


If you want to save the message you will need to manually move it to a folder (Click, drag and drop).

If you find unwanted mail in your Inbox, highlight it then type the letter “J”. The Junk filter will remember it next time

There you have it—an adaptive mail filter that improves with use. Thank you Mozilla.

~ David

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