Change Icons for a File Type

Are you tired of the icon associated with your Word docs? Maybe you want all JPEGs to have a unique icon. Well, it can be done. Yes, you can give custom icons to all files of a certain type.

First, if you don’t have any custom icons yet, check out Leo’s IconArchive for over 10,000 free ones to choose from…

Save them to a folder, maybe labeled”Icons” in your “My Documents”.

Open “My Computer” and look at the top where you’ll see File, Edit, View, etc.

Click on “View” (Win 98/ME) or “Tools” (Win XP/2000) and choose “Folder Options” .

Click the “File Types” tab at the top and it will show you a list of available types (XP will show you the icon for each too).

Select the type you want to change and press the “Edit” button (98/ME) or the “Advanced” button (XP/2K).


Next, choose the “Change Icon” button.

Now we need to grab the custom icon so click the “Browse” button and find your way to the folder where you put all those icons you downloaded. Choose one then OK.

There you have it. The files should still open in the program associated with it, but now every one of that type should have the custom icon.

~ David

David Samuel Thomas

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