The Hans Christian Anderson Center

Learn all about the life and works of Hans Christian Anderson with this site. On the side bar you’ll see the navigation system. The sections are: Life, Works, Miscellaneous, Research, Titles Translated, Links, and About the Center.

Life — Who was Hans Christian Anderson? Well if you read the short biography you’ll learn he was more than just a writer. Or you can check out the timetable of his day to events, or you can check out the links to some more great biographies.

Works — Here you can find the Index of his Works, you can check out his Danish poetry, and much, much more. This is where you will find the written works of Hans Christian Anderson.

Miscellaneous — This is where you will find the information that didn’t really fit in any of their other categories. My favorite part of this section is the Illustrations gallery where you can find the drawings from children depicting the works of Hans Christian Anderson.

Research — this section holds some very interesting gems. Like reviews of Hans Christian Anderson’s work in his own time, this is a great research section.

Titles Translated — this section lets you translate titles of his works, or see both the original and the translation, or get information on the translations.

Links — Interested in more Hans Christian Anderson—this section can point you in the right direction.

About the Center — Learn all about the Hans Christian Anderson Center and their goals.

An excellent site dedicated to one of the men who have brought us fairy tales that have lasted through the years.


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