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With earlier versions of Windows you could navigate your way into the folders of other users and check out their files. Not so with Windows XP. Now what you keep in “My Documents” can only be seen by that user (and the administrator).

If you do want files, documents, music, or pictures to be seen by other users you can put them in the “Shared Documents” folders.

Just double click “My Computer” then “Shared Documents”. There you’ll find several other folders: Shared Music, Shared Pictures, and Shared Video.


You can, of course, add folders using any of the usual methods. Clicking the “Make a new folder” link on the left hand side of the folder is the quickest way.

Want to keep a file in it’s original location? Then be sure to copy it rather than just dragging and dropping. Click the file with your RIGHT mouse button then drag. When you release the button, you’ll be given a little menu that allows you to pick Move, Copy, Create Shortcut, or Cancel.

If you’ll be using the Shared Folder often, you can add it to your “Send To” menu…

~ David

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