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With the weather getting nicer everyday, a lot of people are turning their thoughts to where they’d like to vacation or visit this year. Well, the U.S. National Parks are a great vacation spot and something we don’t always think about.

There are four main sections to this site: Parks & Recreation, History & Culture, Nature & Science, and Interpretation & Education.

Parks & Recreation — You have four options when you get to this section’s page. You can View all the National Parks in alphabetical order, you can use the geographic search, or you can search by topic. The fourth area of interest is the Park of the Week section.

For the Geographic Search you have two options to search by: state and zip code. This brings up a listing full of places that you can visit.

For the Topic Search you have to check the topics you are interested, and then choose a state. This search option then brings up all the locations for the topic or topics you have selected.

The Park of the Week section highlights one National Park every week. When I visited the page it was the Virgin Islands National Park. This goes in-depth into what’s at that specific park that is highlighted.

History & Culture — This section is set up differently from the Parks & Recreation section. Here you have the option to Explore America’s Past, check out the Current Feature (when I was there it was Florida’s Shipwrecks, 300 years of Maritime History), See What’s New, or you can use the drop down boxes under “I’m Looking For” and choose the topic you’d like to check out.

Nature & Science — This section is huge. You have navigation options on the top of the page. They are: Air, Biology, Geology, Sounds, and Water. You will also find these navigation options on the Side Bar Menu as well many sections under “Explore Topics”. I would suggest just choosing the areas that interest you right off the bat, and leave the rest for when you have more time. This section is really large and filled with lots of nifty information. I especially enjoyed the Challenge section where I read about a park closing so the raptors could mate or about the way they are trying to save the Sequoia National Park.

Interpretation and Education — This is a great section for teachers to make use of. Their introduction really says it all so I’ll share it with you.

“If you are a teacher searching for classroom materials, a student doing research, or a person looking for a place to spend some time, have some fun and learn in the process, LearnNPS is for you. Here you’ll find curriculum, fun and games, a guide to park Junior Ranger programs and a host of other fun and educational media created by the National Park Service and our partners.”

A very information filled site that is a delight to explore. I can’t wait to get the opportunity to visit some of these places.


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