Keep Your Printer Cartridge Fresh

If you don’t print that often, or if you’re gone for long periods of time (vacation, travel), your inkjet print head could dry out.

It is a good idea to print something at least every week to keep things flowing smooth. Find a photo, email, article, anything that you might want a hard copy of and print it out.

If you plan on being gone for a long time, see if your printer has a “clean cartridges” option. With my HP printer I right-click the printer icon down in my system tray then bring up the “Printer Assistant”. I then go to “Utilities” and there is a “Printer Maintenance” section. You may have something similar somewhere on your computer.

If not, take out the cartridge and gently wipe the head with warm water. Let it sit for a while then place in a plastic ziplock bag. When you get back from your trip it should be fresh.

These tips are also worth a try when it seems like your cartridge is drying out. it may just be a clog.

With the high cost of cartridges (two can cost more than you paid for the printer!) these are some good things to do.

~ David

David Samuel Thomas

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