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Deskman is a desktop lockdown program that features a stunning assortment of options to give you complete control over your desktop environment.

So what exactly is a “Desktop Lockdown” program? In a nutshell, this is a program that allows you to tweak your desktop environment in ways that Windows does not readily offer. An example of such a setting would be the ability to remove the Run box from the Start menu. As a matter of fact, you can remove the entire Start if you desire—almost every aspect of the Desktop can be manipulated.

Options such as “Lock Workstation”, for example, allows you to forbid all unauthorized access to your system instantly which is a great way to stop any non intended access to your PC when called away. It has a Timer configuration area where you can actually set deskman to perform a number of tasks at pre-determined times. These tasks include things such as shut down, reboot, protect PC, and more. With this program you can actually stop someone from shutting down, or even running a different program than the one you specifically allow. How cool is that?

Deskman will run at Startup if you want or pull it up as needed. You can have it run in Stealth Mode in which you literally can’t tell if the program is even running, and yet have your PC completely locked as per your specifications. If you want to unlock your desktop then you need only to press the key combination (described in the Help menu) in order to bring up the Authentication box, log in and do what you need to. With a great Help file that really is a complete manual and the Tips/Tricks windows that pops-up if checked, you won’t just run the program, you’ll master it, giving you control over your PC like you’ve probably never had.


This program can potentially lock you out of your PC if you’re not careful and forget your password. The program does not set up authenticaton by default you actually have to do this yourself but if you do, don’t lose your password or I don’t know what to tell you.

My recommendation is to at least look over the manual and hit the high points. This will protect you from others and yourself, not to mention, fill you in on all the program has to offer. This program is perfect for anyone who is sharing a PC with others and have issues with them. Trust me, my daughter can create an hour’s worth of work for me in a matter of minutes—she got a gift. With a program like this in place the destruction stops here.

Download it here…

~ Chad

**WorldStart is not the developer of this software and cannot offer technical support.

Chad Stelnicki

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