Motel Americana

We’ve almost lost touch with motel Americana. I mean who travels to a motel anymore? I mean where are all the motels? All of the ones I’ve seen are closed—put out of business by larger hotel chains who they just couldn’t keep up with.

Well this site can help you find motels. You can either click the state you want to find a motel in on the map, or you can use the drop down menu to choose the state. There were two for Ohio. Only two!

Learn to appreciate Roadside Architecture with this site. Check out the History section where you will learn all about the history of motels—it has quite a colorful history. Plus you get to see nifty paintings and signs from that period while you read.

Then there is the Postcards section where you can look at postcards from the past that depict motels and tourist camps. They are very interesting. Although, I’m not sure I could imagine sending one home to ma and pa to tell about my travels.

Or you can check out the Special Topics sections and learn about Road Trips America, and the Motel Moderne section filled with more postcards, and the history of the Holiday Inn.

This site is a nice blast to the past! It makes you just itch to travel, although, I for one will be staying at a hotel with a pool—some girls just need amenities.


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