Email Vanishes From Inbox

After I read an email in Outlook Express it disappears from my Inbox. Where does it go?

We had this happen to one of our WorldStart team members and what was even stranger is that the messages would come up when he did a search. Though the mystery is perplexing, the solution is easy.

In Outlook Express go to View/Current View then select “Show all messages”. Most likely it accidentally was set to “Hide Read Messages”.


Thunderbird also has this feature. If your read messages vanish, go to View/Messages and change from “Unread” to “View”.

Yahoo Mail can also hide unread mail. Just below the folder name (for instance, “Inbox”) look for the word “View”. If it is set to “Unread Messages” then click the arrow and select “All Messages” from the drop down menu.

I guess hiding read messages would be of benefit if you wanted to see only the messages you have yet to read. If you are set to read all messages, then you may want to explore your viewing options…


David Samuel Thomas

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