History of Fly Fishing

I just recently visited a friend who lives on the Sandusky River, and we talked a lot about fishing while we stared out at the peaceful water and watched the ducks swim smoothly up the river. So I was thrilled when a user sent this site my way—I could learn more about fly fishing something we had discussed in our conversation about fishing.

Now I’ll be honest, I couldn’t catch a fish to save my life, and it has nothing to do with being squeamish either, I can bait a hook, cast a line, but those fish always avoid me.

To get started click the image and head on in to the history of fly fishing.

As you scroll down the page you will see the Contents section which contains the Origins of Fly Fishing, In Search of Astræus, Fly Fishing in Medieval Times, and much more. All of it was really interesting.

Further down the page you’ll get to the “What is New?” section with two new stories, and then you’ll get down to the Reference, and Special Features sections.

Special Features was my favorite section because not only does it discuss the history of the sport but it also goes into the specifics of different kinds of lures. Which is really cool!

Check this one out today!



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