Shared Folder Shortcuts

How can I make certain files available to other users on my network without putting the actual files in my Shared Folder?

Well, you’ll still need to use the Shared Folder, but you can send shortcuts there rather than the actual file. Why would you want to do this? Well, since it is a shortcut, if you alter the original in “My Documents” or any other folder then the other users accessing it through the Shared Folder will get the current version rather than a possible older copy.

Go to My Computer and open the Shared Folder. Make it into a smaller window on your desktop.

Next, find the file(s) you want to share. Right-click and choose “Send to” then “Desktop”. This will create a shortcut of the file(s) on your desktop.

Drag the file(s) to the Shared Folder. From there you can put them in the appropriate sub-folders (music, pictures, video).

Now when other users on your computer or network access the shared folder they can get to the current document or file.

~ David

David Samuel Thomas

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