The Archive of Golden Age Romance Comics

On the homepage of this site you can learn about the history of the genre of romance comics. You can also learn about the archive itself. I found the history really interesting, because the romance comics were written and drawn by the same men who gave us the X-Men, Mighty Thor, The Incredible Hulk, and The Fantastic Four.

If you choose to read the history of the genre or learn about the archive you will notice navigation is along the top of the screen: home, the comics, the genre, the archive, the links, etc. If you want to check the comics themselves out click “the comics” this will take you to the comic page where you can not only see the covers but read some of these comics.

There are some great sites in the Links section too. Like Crime Boss where you can check out the Golden Age of Crime Comics, and the Top 100 most influential Comics of the 20th Century.

This site is an interesting adventure into comics that many people have forgotten about. This archive is doing a stellar job of preserving the genre for future generations to look at and remember.


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