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How do I make an avatar for a forum?

Avatars are small pictures that you can have displayed along with your user name at most online forums. There will usually be a link in the area where you modify your user profile. Be sure to check out the size limit for avatars at that forum–they range from 50 x 50 pixels (or 20kb) all the way up to 100 x 100 pixels.

Now, how do you go about making one? First you need to bring up your imaging software: Photoshop, PictureIt, PhotoImpact, PhotoPaint, etc. Then you need to resize the image to the appropriate dimensions. See today’s tip for instructions on resizing

Another resizing option would be to download the free PIXresizer program we featured a while back and select the pixel dimensions you need…

After you create the image, go back to the forum user profile editing section, go to the avatar manager and browse to the folder where your picture is then upload to the forum’s server.


There may also be an option to use an avatar that is located on a web page. In that case you would enter the URL (web address) for that image into the area provided.

Now when you post on the forum your avatar will appear.


~ David

David Samuel Thomas

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