What is a Wiki?

Mark from IL asks:
What is a Wiki?

Good question, Mark! Our readers in Hawaii know that “wiki-wiki” means “quick”. In web-speak they are sites where users can add and edit content. If you’ve ever been to the Wikipedia for information then you have some idea about wikis. At last check they had around 3,237,704 articles in English.


Each page in a wiki usually contains a large number of links to other pages .Vandalism and spam attacks are frequent, but the administrator can usually revert to the previous version or astute users can correct the intrusion.

Many businesses and corporations are using wikis as a way to make collaboration easier. Information can be kept up-to-date without the need for emails to the webmaster or meetings. The changes can be instant—and the more people involved, the more that can be added.

Here are a couple of interesting wikis–keep in mind that a wiki is only as good as its collaborators…


Yet another way that the internet is bringing people together to share ideas and information.


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