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Web Design Workshop: Free Web Hosting

Yes, it’s out there. If you want to put up a personal page you don’t need to go through all the trouble of buying a domain name and paying for space. The only trade off is that your site will have banner ads, pop-ups, and/or ads on the side column (“free” is a relative term on the internet).

Some services allow you to upload an HTML page that you created on your computer, while others require that you put your pictures, music, and text into their format.

If you already have an email address or identity with MSN/Hotmail, Yahoo, or AOL you may want to consider going with what they have available for continuity sake.

What if you run out of space? You can always sign up at another free service and link the pages together. So pages 1-5 are on AOL while 6-10 are on Yahoo, your music files can be downloaded from Lycos, etc.

Be sure to read the licensing aggreement. Most free servers are for personal use, not for businesses. Besides, a business should have it’s own domain name and what if your competitor’s banner ad show up at the top of your page?

Here are some free web hosting services:

Geocities — If you have a Yahoo Identity/Address you might want to go with them since your web address will be linked to your email identity.

MSN Spaces — A good option if you have an MSN/Hotmail address. From what I could see you’re limited to using their template. Still, it’s a great place to share a Blog, Photo Album, list of favorite links, and more with the world.

AOL Hometown — Free web space is available for all AOL users. Just go to “Community” and select “Hometown” or use this link…

Angelfire — this free service is from Lycos. The down side is that they dish out both banners and pop-ups. They choose these based on key words on your page which can cause strange results.

All of these services offer templates and wizards that easily walk you through the process of building your page. Even a novice can put up a web page.

See you in cyberspace.

~ David

August 16, 2005

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