Your Amazing Brain

This site is broken into sections, and the sections: Brain and Body, Super Senses, Inside Your Brain, Love and Sex, Your Memory, and Test Yourself.

Let’s get the shocking one out of the way and start with “Love and Sex”. This section seems to be really about how you feel about Fertility Treatments and Contraceptives. Nothing very shocking was really to be found here. But you will probably enjoy the Men vs. Women study.

Let’s move on to “Brain and Body”. This section has a lot of stuff that you can do. A couple of quizzes and experiments that will explain things like: Are you right or left eyed? How sensitive are you?

“Super Senses” has an Optical Illusion section and An Upside Down Face section. You’ll find fun activities and interesting facts in this section of the site. The Upside Down Face part is a section that tests you to see if you can tell what the facial expression is on an upside down face.

At “Inside Your Brain” you can learn what your brain looks like, what your dreams might be about in comparison to other people, and what your brain waves mean.

Go to “Your Memory” and test your memory with games and quizzes that will let you know where you stand as far as memory capacity goes. Learn what memory chunking is and how it affects you.

If you want to skip all the information and just play games, take quizzes then go to “Test Yourself”.

August 16, 2005

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