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This week’s download is an image morphing application that can take two, three, or more images “morph” them from one to another. For instance you can take a picture of your dog, cat, and bird and after you perform the “morph” building process the three images will twist, meld, and ultimately transform form image-to-image.

The files you create with the Squirlz Morphing Tool can be saved in a number of different formats, from and AVI video format to a Flash Movie File, or even as a bitmap/jpeg. The “morphing” process that I mentioned earlier is nothing more than using some proper image selection and the “anchor points system” to give the program some relative points to read.

You can choose any image you want to use as long as the program can read the format. This is not a restriction, all your other images however must be similar in size and shape, or you may get some mangled mess or a project that you can’t get to look right. For example, “morphing” a monkey into a car may sound like fun (unless you’re the monkey), but may be difficult to setup correctly.

The “Anchor point System” is, believe it or not, exactly what it sounds like: Anchors are small round selection points that you place around the image, and these points are what the program looks for while building the Morph file. The more anchor points you place in an image may make the morph more impressive but it can a little more work and to many points in your project can become confusing to work with.

A good example of how to use the points would be:

Let’s say you have two pictures of separate coffee cups (I couldn’t think of anything better). You put six points in order around the cup in your first image. When you where ready to work with the second image you need to the same amount of points around the second cup in the same relative places. The points are numbered and the program reads these points and if they are just casually place around the image in no particular order the Morph will not look good, believe me.


When you get the hang of it this can be fun. The first project may seem a little strange but every time you use it you get better at it. Hope you enjoy the download.

Get it here…

~ Chad

**WorldStart is not the developer of this software and can not offer technical support.

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