The Big Horse Farm + Scamming the Scammers

This one is a site that all decent internet users can get behind. Just about everyone has gotten a scam letter – especially the Nigerian 419 letters. All requesting that you help them out with transporting some money or to buy your horse, tractor, dog, car, or boat. Well this site goes about scamming the scammers.

Sections to check out:

Well of course there are all the letters to and from the scammers, some of which were really interesting and hilarious. The letter “My First Scam” shows just how inconsistent these scammers are. The scammer couldn’t even remember who he was supposed to be. Was he William or was he Lewis? Suddenly the horse turned into a car.

I was very curious as to why someone would do this. I mean, devote a lot of time and energy. So I read the “Why Do I Do This?” section. She explains exactly how she got started and why she continues.

The site owner also keeps track of how much money they could have been scammed out of as well as how much postage the scammers had to pay trying to steal her money. You can also find out about some other kinds of scams that people will try to use on you. There is even some information on Ebay and Paypal scams.

Can anyone really afford not to check this out?

P.S. If you find the music annoying, just hit the red “Stop” button in your browser.

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August 18, 2005

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