Lonely Socks

Do you have a lot of socks with missing mates? Well, this site is dedicated to those lonely socks that are no longer part of a pair. Wherever their mate has gone they are now left alone to float through your sock drawer, because we all hope that we will find that missing sock someday.

I’ll confess I have a huge basket full of socks, some are missing their mates, some have holes in them but I could probably submit 20 lonely socks myself. I have also discovered the secret to not losing socks in the wash. Put your socks in the mesh bag that you can get to wash delicates. This insures no missing socks from the washing and drying. It also makes it easier to carry all those socks to match them up.

But enough on keeping your socks together, let’s get back to the lonely socks. Click the “Socks” tab and meet the lonely socks from all over the world. Each sock has the date they were added to the gallery, their owner’s name, Color, and info. Click the image to enlarge the picture.

You can even send in pictures of your lonely socks, click the “Contact” tab for more information.

Will these socks be reunited? Or are they doomed to be forever lonely?


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