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Do you love scrapbooking? Well kick it up a notch with this site. I’ve got to admit, I love to scrapbook, but I just can never seem to find the time and leave it to occasions like birthdays, wedding, and holidays to justify making time to do it.

The first thing I want to talk about is my favorite part of the site. It’s the Idea Gallery where you can view people’s projects in different categories. The images really inspired me. I really can’t wait to make some spiffy bookmarks. And there are so many galleries from certain projects like name cards and tags to holiday projects.

There is a Members section though but the good news is that IT’S FREE!!! So all it takes is a moment of your time to sign up and then you have access to the member’s gallery. It’s definitely worth signing up for.

You can also sign up to receive the SBO (Scrapbooker’s Online) newsletter, and get new scrapbooking ideas and tips delivered right your inbox.

There are great articles on many different topics from tips and hints, to projects, to photo work, and much, much more you’ll find interesting articles to read. There is also a great forum where you can exchange ideas with other scrapbookers like yourself.

Let me tell you this site, is definitely getting added to my favorites list, I have the feeling I’ll be back often.

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