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It never fails: every time I set out undertake some graphic or video project the format of some essential piece of media (audio, image, or video file) is never in the format I need. It just seems like I have one oddball format that I always have to deal with. Often it’s a format that I don’t even have a program to open, yet alone that has the ability to convert it to some more manageable format.

I wish I would have known about the Easy Graphic File Converter a long time ago—this thing could have saved me some time.

With Easy Graphic File Converter you can easily change the format of an image file to another more desired one. You can convert entire folders at once and they don’t even need to be the same format. There’s a reason it’s called “Easy”—if they made the process any easier all you would have to do is will it to be done and the files would convert themselves. If you know how to browse for folders, choose a destination folder, and can click on the Start button, then you’re an expert. No lie, it’s just that easy.


There are actually plenty more options for you advance users, and by that I mean someone who has used the program twice. This little fella’s got plenty of tricks up its sleeves. There are settings you can manipulate before the conversion to get some different results. You can actually change not only the format of the image, for instance, but also the quality, the size, if you want grayscale or progressive color, and anywhere from 8-32 bit color. You can also create a folder of thumbnails using the resize option, which is great for creating online galleries for websites.


Easy Graphic File Converter is a simple, easy to use tool that can help you to negotiate the typical obstacles, especially if you’re using images from a foreign source. This could be an invaluable tool for someone who enjoys working with images, for instance, someone who manages a website, or likes to make slideshows for friends or family.

Download it here…

Download it here…

~ Chad Stelnicki

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