Scottish History

“The historical articles on these pages reflect a broad swathe of Scotland’s history. The topics cover everything from settlement patterns in prehistory, through the wars of independence and on up to the Union of the Crowns.”

I have to admit that I am fascinated with Scotland and Ireland too. But Scotland holds a secret place in my heart. So I leapt at the chance to write up this site on Scotland’s history.

Click “Scottish History” to begin. On the side you’ll see a menu of historical topics. Choose the one you want to learn about and relax and read. I started with the highlands. But I ended up reading about all of it. I liked the miscellaneous section a lot.

Current Affairs — this section lets you check out the Current Headlines in Scotland. I loved this section too. Mixing the current with the past on this site was a stellar idea.

Music and Books — both sections show you musicians and writers who originated in Scotland. I didn’t really bother with these sections much because I was really busy reading the historical articles.

CSYS — this section has more articles on the history of Scotland as well as the author’s dissertation.

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