The Citizen: Anarchy Travel

The Citizen: Anarchy Travel

This site claims to be a unique travel guide for the anti-tourist. It is definitely unique and gives a lot more the nitty gritty than you would discover as a tourist. To get started you can click on “The Guides”.

“The Guides” gives you a list of cities from different countries that there have been guides written for. The guides are written with a lot of humor, but they really aren’t from a touristy point of view. It is more like discovering what the place is like to a native of the city. You’ll find out about all the dirty aspects of the city as well as the cool stuff. The cool stuff being where to eat, drink, dance, sleep, murder (see Murder in the Winona guide, you may even follow the link provided to get the history of Murder in Winona, Mississippi) and such.

Do you have what it takes to write a guide? Well they are paying about $40 per guide, if your submission is accepted. You can find details for writing guides on their “About” page, you can also find out who and what they are about.

Travel Guides that are interesting, to say the least, is what you’ll find on this site.

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