Kitten Break cool site (and puppies, too!)

Kitten Break

Sometimes life is stressful. It’s just a fact of life that at some point you are going to be stressed out. Some of us turn to our pets to help us de-stress; I know I do. There’s nothing like playing ball with my cats and dogs to help me relax. But when you’re at work, you can’t just go home as soon as you are stressed out, and some of you can’t own pets due to apartment living or allergies, but this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy animals to de-stress.

Stressed out? Take a Kitten Break. How does it work? You click the link and look at images of kittens and some cats who have snuck their way in, for as long as you like.

The Disclaimer reads: “I’m just a bloke who likes kittens, and finds kitten breaks quite enjoyable if I’m stressed, I mean, seriously, isn’t a fluffball of happiness the most -wonderful- thing?”

I have to say I agree. That, and there are some seriously cute kittens on this site. I had too many favorites to share with you and I had to save several to use as desktop pictures later.

Are you more of a dog person? Then check out Puppy Break instead, which you can get to by clicking the word puppy in the top corner, or clicking here. My favorite puppy is #108. It’s just too cute!

Well, I need a break, so I’m off to look at some kitties.

~ Amanda

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