Web Design Workshop: Recycle for Speed (cache)

Web Design Workshop: Recycle for Speed

While designing your website, you may have noticed that you are using the same graphic images over and over throughout the site. This doesn’t mean that you are being creatively redundant. It just means that the design throughout your site is consistent. That’s good news for viewers of your site.

Using the same graphic multiple times in your site will decrease the time it takes for the site to load. As long as it really is the same graphic, that is, the same graphic, same size, same name, same everything. Once it loads the first time, then it is in your viewer’s browser’s cache file and can be quickly referenced for every instance of that particular graphic throughout your site.

What’s a cache file, you ask? Well, my friend, cache (pronounced cash ) files store information on a temporary basis for quick access. Cache files are used for all sorts of applications. A browser caches information from websites such as graphics and whole web pages. Here are a few tips that WorldStart has on Cache:

Clear Your Temporary Internet Files

Move Your Temporary Internet Files

Working offline

Are Secure pages Cached?

~ Kim Ganues

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