Fast Save = Bigger File Size?

Fast Save = Bigger File Size?

Did you know that MS PowerPoint comes with a Fast Save option? In fact, PowerPoint has probably been using a Fast Save setting the whole time – so what exactly is it doing for you?

PowerPoint’s Fast Save “speeds up saving by recording only the changes in a presentation”. The good news is that your saves have been as fast as PowerPoint could offer you – the bad news: this method of saving tends to make file sizes larger than necessary.

If space is an issue for you then maybe it’s a good idea to know how to get around the Fast Save.

The Fast Save option can be reached via the Tools menu, Options choice, Save Tab.

Uncheck the “Allow fast saves” box and click OK.

With that change made PowerPoint will do a complete save of the presentation thereby reducing the file size if possible.

Using the above method changes the way the program behaves each time it saves until you recheck the Fast Save box.

A way to do a complete save without un-checking the Fast Save option is to use Save As instead of Save from the File menu. In the Save As window simply name the file the same as before and choose to replace.

Either way, you’re on the right track when it comes to reducing presentation file size.

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