Sound Transit

Sound Transit

Welcome to Sound Transit where you can find sound from all over the world. When you first get to the site you have two options – Search For Sounds or Book A Transit.

Search For Sounds – In this section you can search for specific sounds, whether by artist, country & location, or keyword. It’s very simple really, just use the drop down fields for artist, country & location, or fill in a keyword and click the search button. This brings up your search result – then click on the link you want to hear, save it, and play it.

I chose Argentina, Buenos Aires, and then first search result – Biannual soundwalk San Telmo Market. That let me listen to the sounds of the market there. The simple rhythms of people coming together in a marketplace with the gentle hum of conversation. It was pretty neat!

Book A Transit– this section lets you book a sonic journey through out the world. It reminds me of booking a flight online. Choose two locations and the number of stopovers you’d like to make while traveling there.

I chose Belgium for the first country, Brussels for the first location and then chose the United Kingdom for the second country, and Sky Island for the second location. I decided on 3 stopovers and I clicked Search.

It then calculated a list of possible transits I could take. I chose the transit that took me from Belgium to Germany to China to Japan to the United Kingdom. After you pick which transit you’d like to take the site will load up your transit for download.

If you want to listen to your transit just click the link provided, if you’d like to save it to your computer right click and Save Target As. Or before you listen you can send a copy of your final transit to a friend via e-mail, just fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

It was interesting to listen to all the sounds in one stream of music. But if you really find one you like this way then you can go back to the Search for Sounds area and look just that piece up.

There is a world of sound out there waiting for you, are you ready to discover it?

~ Amanda

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