Hindenburg (LZ-129)

Hindenburg (LZ-129)

The Hindenburg was a marvel of it’s time. Why don’t you check out this site and explore its history from the time of construction to the artifacts that are left from the terrible fire that ended its air service.

It is easy to navigate, just scroll down to the pictures and click either the picture or the link underneath it. From the Hindenburg Construction section to the May 6th, 2001 section – you’ll learn all about the Hindenburg.

Once you click into a section you can navigate through the rest of the section just by clicking the red arrow buttons at the bottom of the page. This saves you time by not having to go back and forth between the section and the home page.

I really got caught up in reading about the Hindenburg. I started in the Hindenburg Construction section and read all the way through. One of the things I really loved is the sections are peppered with picture of the Hindenburg both exterior and interior.

Then when you get to the artifacts you can see things that were actually onboard the Hindenburg when the fire destroyed it, as well as thing that had been on it prior to the disaster. I really enjoyed the images of the boarding passes! There is one press pass and one Ground Crew pass. At the image of the teacup and saucer, I wondered how grand it would have been to have been aboard and sipping tea in the dining area. I mean today you get a plastic cup on a plane.

Now at the bottom the page you may have noticed more links. Links I’d recommend checking out are:

Hindenburg Passenger List – a listing of the passengers who were on board during the tragic fire, with red asterisks denoting those who perished in the disaster.

Hanger 1-6 – were all interesting sections. While not all of them directly correlate to the Hindenburg I found them interesting.

This is a great history site of the Hindenburg, brief enough to stay interesting, thorough enough that you don’t feel that they left out a bunch of information.


~ Amanda

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