When I first hit the internet in search of How-to sites I fell in love with E-how. Now I found wikiHow – a collaborative writing project to make the world’s biggest how-to manual. And as their slogan says “The How-To Manual that Anyone Can Write or Edit.” It’s how-to guide that you can participate in.

The first thing you’ll probably notice – is the Search field near the top of the page. Type in what you’re looking for a guide for and click the Search wikiHow button. Having had some difficulty bathing my dogs recently I looked up “dog bathing” which was a very general search term – but came up with good results.

There were 4 main search results, and then on the side there were more – I found the ones on the side to be more pertinent to my search. I don’t know if that is the case every time or not. When you read the tips from users on wikiHow you can rate them by clicking the checkmarks underneath the tip.

Below the Search field is the welcome paragraph, and then the Categories. Here you can choose from different Categories to search for what you are looking for. Beneath that is the Getting Started Section where you will find all the information you need on writing a tip. From what topics they are looking to have covered as well as some writing tips to make it easier for you to write your How-to guide up. Here you will also find a link to Practice editing tips as well.

On the Side of the Front Page you’ll find two things a drop down Toolbox, and the Featured Articles section. When I was there, there was an article in the Featured Articles that taught you how to eat an artichoke. (I have to admit that was a mystery to me before hand.)

Now isn’t that cool? Not only can you find help – but you can give help. I wish my dad would write a bunch of these articles on how to fix stuff!

~ Amanda

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