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Duck Planet

Growing up, did you have a rubber-ducky for bath time fun? I know as a kid both my sister and I did. There are some people out there who still love their rubber-ducks. I have a friend who collects them. I was looking to find a duck she didn’t have when I came across this site.

If you haven’t guessed, this is a site devoted to rubber ducks. Navigation is pretty easy just use the side menu in following categories Duckplanet Home, Duck Collection, Submissions, Squeaker Game, Favorite Links, Community, and About Duckplanet.

Duck Collection – the heart and soul of this site, this is where you can check out the

Duckplanet Duck Collection. I knew that there were duck collectors out there, but I had no idea that there were so many ducks to collect.

My favorite duck of the whole collection is in Ducks Added 2004 # 2. It’s a giraffe duck, and is super cute. I found the best way to view the collection as a whole is to let it run as a slideshow – as it’s a lot of clicking otherwise.

Submissions – is the next fun place, because here you can view other people’s collections. And learn about why they collect ducks. I understand a collector’s passion; I collect several things – fairies, stuffed animals, and books. Whereas my roommate collects – Eeyore, cats, oriental things, and books as well. Here you can really learn about their passion, find out why they collect and where they go to find their ducks!

Squeaker Game – just how well do you know your ducks? Well, play the Squeaker Game to find out. The first time I only got 2 correct, the second time I got 4 and the third time I got all 5. Listen to the squeaks and then pick which duck it came from, I tried to guess by the shape of the duck and what sound I thought it would make.

Favorite Links – here you can check out all the great ducky links they have, including where you can buy some ducks of your own.

Community – if you guessed this was the Forum section, you are correct! Chat with duck fans from around the world!

About Duckplanet – learn all about the history of the website and just why it was created.

After visiting this site – I am a huge duck fan. Lucky for me my china cabinet is already full of my other collectables so I have no room to start a duck collection!


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