My WiFi Zone

My WiFi Zone

I have done many articles over the years on how to spot and properly defend you local area network from intruders. I have described everything from what to do with firewall hits, viewing router logs, locking down your wireless network, and even how to securely use Hot Spots. However, I have yet to run across a good program that can help you monitor what’s happening on your wireless networks. Until now…

This week I ran across a little gem of a program that will help you keep an eye on who’s using or attempting to use your wireless connection without your consent or knowledge. This issue has been the focus of many legal debates lately. Should it be legal to connect to your neighbor’s wireless network when they in fact are the ones broadcasting the signal onto your property? I don’t feel that this is right, but it goes on. In fact, it goes on everyday, as more and more end-users have WiFi capability.

Over the past two to three years, the number of wireless networks in homes is seriously on the rise, and according to McAfee, 20 to 60 percent of these networks are completely unsecured. I have personally noticed that between home and here at the office, there have been several new wireless networks broadcasting their SSID all over the place (300 to 500ft), and if you have a wireless network, there’s a possibility you’re doing it right now too.

With today’s Security Article, rightly named My WiFi Zone, you can obtain the access to drop any potential wireless trespassers. Every time a new system attempts to access your network, a small balloon will pop up in the lower right hand corner of your desktop alerting you of the actions taking place. You can quickly scrutinize any connection attempts by viewing the information in this pop up and comparing it to the information of the systems you are responsible for. If you choose not to authorize this unknown entity attempting to gain access to your network, then simply select Deny from the pop up window and bingo-bango, this party crasher is stopped cold.

Everyone using a wireless router should have some sort of WiFi monitoring software on his or her system, and with My WiFi Zone, you get this protection for free. So protect yourself from WiFi interlopers with My WiFi Zone. It’s easy to use and free. Now that’s a deal.

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