Camera Toss

Camera Toss

I thought I’d seen every kind of photography the net had to offer, but after finding this site I can say that I was wrong. Flickr is a site that allows you to upload and share photos that you’ve taken for free. It’s a great site thus the noteworthy mention at the beginning of this article. The really neat thing is that there are photo groups that are collections of different people’s photos that fit the same category. One of those categories, Camera Toss, has some really stellar images.

When I was there, the Camera Toss photo pool had a whopping 557 images. If you scroll down the page you can get a link to the official blog, the definition of a camera toss, guidelines for submitting your own photos to the pool, a disclaimer and the hall of toss.

I suggest that you read all of the above as well as the Disclaimer before you try any of this at hom. The Hall of Toss is full of great images.

Now you have several options on how you can view these images. You can click “See All 557 (or other number) photos” or you can check out the Hall of Toss one by one, or you can click the link “more” after the images displayed on the top of the page. Either way you choose to view, you won’t regret it. There are some really interesting images in the pool. You can also check out the Discuss section underneath the images at the top.

The blue and purple swirls uploaded on November 6th by Chad Miller is my all time favorite of this gallery. I found it by clicking See all 557 photos and clicking to page two. I hope you all can find it, it’s really neat!

~ Amanda

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