Pandemic Flu

Pandemic Flu

The flu is a big health problem this time of year, and it seems every year the threat of pandemic influenza gets worse. The Pandemic Flu site has information about both the pandemic influenza and avian influenza.

The site is divided into several categories. They are General Information, Health and Safety, Monitoring Outbreaks, Planning and Response Activities, Travel and Transportation, and Research Activities.

When most people discuss the flu, it seems like something that we all have had to deal with occasionally and dislike, but it’s not something too serious. That is called Seasonal Flu, and sometimes the strain of influenza changes and we aren’t necessarily prepared for it. A lot of us forget the times in the past that Influenza became an epidemic costing countless lives. It is best to prepare ourselves with knowledge.

To learn about the pandemic flu and avian flu, I suggest you check out the section General Information. This section discusses both types of the flu and covers medicine treatment and vaccine preventative treatment.

The section Health and Safety teaches us how to prepare ourselves for the flu in many environments, from school, work, to our own backyards. It also discusses how we can protect the animals in our environments as well and prevent the spread of the flu.

Monitoring Outbreaks lists the outbreaks of influenza in both the United States and Internationally. This lets you check out the current cases that are being tracked by the Center for Disease Control and internationally as well with the World Health Organization.

Planning and Response Activities tells what steps are being taken to prevent the spread of influenza by the government and what the government’s response to the possibility of pandemic flu will be.

Travel and Transportation is very important. The spread of the flu through travel is a real risk. Here you can learn what steps you need to take if you are planning on any serious traveling.

Research Activities is devoted to those who are busily researching the avian flu and pandemic flu, as well as vaccines, and possible treatment for those infected. Here you can check out the timeline, check out the questions and answers section, as well as learn drug development for the treatment and prevention of pandemic flu.

This is a great resource to helping keep you and the ones you love safer from the threat of the pandemic and avian flu. Take care of yourselves.

~ Amanda

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