Dave Loves Elizabeth

Dave Loves Elizabeth

There is nothing more touching than to see love blossom. But better than that is to see love celebrated. Join me as we explore Dave’s love for Elizabeth.

When I first got to this site, I thought to myself “Oh, this is a big advertisement for those online date sites.” It turns out that I was way wrong. It’s a big display of love. Follow the red buttons at the bottom of the site to navigate through.

On the third page, you have the option to watch a silly rap video that Dave made for his sweetie, a slide show, see the birthday card he made or check out the Google Map. The Google Map option allows you to follow their dating path up until they said those three little words to each other. “I love you!”

Click the red button on the bottom of the page and you move on to the proposal page. Click the link on the yellow post it note image to continue. This leads you to the epilogue where you can see what happened next.

It was nice to see such a stunning example of love and sweetness on the Web. It really perked my day up. It was very sweet to see that there are people out there who still make grand gestures of love.


~ Amanda

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