Second Sort Criteria in MS Outlook

Second Sort Criteria in MS Outlook

Most of us know how to sort e-mail messages in Outlook by clicking on the column heading of the field to use as the sort criteria (see today’s Quick Tip above).

An up arrow is sorting messages in ascending order and a down arrow sorts in descending order based on the data in the column you chose.

But did you ever find yourself wishing for a way to sort by two criteria instead of one?

Maybe you receive a lot of messages from the same person and you want your messages sorted not only by who sent it, but also by when it was received, so you can quickly find the newest message. If you’ve tried to do this before, you’ve probably clicked on the From column heading then clicked on the Received column heading, only to be disappointed that it doesn’t allow for a two column sort…or does it?

Actually, Outlook will allow for a multiple column sort if you know about the magic key. (OK – so it’s not magic but when you get one of these programs to easily cooperate, it sometimes feels that way).

Anyway, what you’re looking for here is the Shift key.

To do a multiple column sort of your messages in Outlook, click first on the column heading of the primary sort criteria. (Double-click if you need to switch between ascending and descending).

Now, hold down the Shift key and click on the column heading of your secondary sort criteria. (Clicking multiple times will switch the sort order back and forth).

Voila! You can sort a little bit of this and a little bit of that in MS Outlook with just a little help from the Shift key!

~ April

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